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Why cut curly hair dry?
Wet curls and dry curls are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. Curly hair may be down your back when wet, only to spring up as much as 6 to 10 inches when dry. Imagine cutting fabric for a couture dress. You wouldn't wet the fabric and then cut it. It would expand when wet and shrink when dry. Also, there are often several type of curls on one head and you can't see this variety when the hair is wet.

What can I expect with my first visit?
Your first visit is all about discovering your Curls' potential. We will teach you about Curl Families, the ins and outs of washing, styling and drying. Depending on how much hair you have and what condition it is in this visit can take up to 90 min. To have the best experience please come with your hair down the way you would normally wear it. It does not necessarily have to be freshly washed since we will wash it for you. However please note that if it is overly tangled you may be charged extra for detangling time.

I wear my hair straight a lot. Would the dry cut still work?
Generally we do not recommend the curly dry cut if you wear your hair primarily straightened or blown out. The dry cut is based on your individual curl families which are not taken into account when hair is straightened.

What sets CGW Stylists apart from other Deva Inspired or Certified Stylists?
In order to become a Deva inspired or certified Stylist one must take several of one, two or three day class followed by a Test out. While that is a great start, it does not require the stylist to specialize in curly hair only or to have any experience.

Our stylists have a combined experience of over 10years in ONLY cutting curly hair. This type of exclusive experience, we believe makes us experts in our field.

How do I prepare for the dry cut only?
This service is a 30 min no wash, cut only option for returning clients. It is important to understand the difference between how you usually wear your curls vs. prepping your curls for the dry cut. In order to give you a quality cut in 30 min it is essential that you prep your hair the way you were shown at your first visit. Your curl families should be clearly defined from roots to ends and your curls should be in a unbroken gel cast from roots to ends. Please click here to watch our video on how to prep your curls for the dry cut.

What is the color club?
The color club is a discounted touch up service. Please ask any of our stylist how to join it when you come in.



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