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We are not a traditional Salon. We are a tribe, a cult, a following. To book the right service experience please read our below menu carefully.
*Please note that below are general prices and need to be confirmed at time of service after proper consultation.

Short length - above and up to shoulders.
Long length - shoulder and longer.

*density can make up for length
*detangling will be charged extra

New clients
Discover your curls

'Discover Your Curls'
(Education & Wash, no Cut)
Short. $60*    Long length $75*
You want to embrace your curls but not sure how. You want to know how to easily take care and wear your curls and make them look great without having to spent hours. You are done with straightening or blowdrying your curls and are ready to embrace your beautiful curly self. This 60min visit will provide you with in depth curl knowledge by showing you how to discover, support and maintain your curl families. This can be viewed as a hands on class in which we will wash, condition, style your curls. We will go over choosing proper styling products and drying methods. Finally we will show you how to wear and refresh your curls daily without having to wash. This service is also recommended for clients that are not sure if they are 100% about embracing the curly girl method or not sure if they want to commit to a dry cut based on their curl families.

'Discover Your Curls & Shape'
(Education & Wash & Cut)
Short $90*    Long length $105*
This is the same as 'Discover your curls' in addition to a dry cut based on your curl families (Deva cut). Beyond the education you also feel that your curls lack shape or your ends feel damaged/overly dry. You are 100% committed to wearing your hair naturally curly. This is a 90min visit. Additionally it includes a 30min follow up visit which includes hands on 10min refreshing routine and opportunity to go over any questions.

'Discover Your Curls & Maintain Your Color'
(Education, Wash, Root color/Refresh ends) NO CUT
Short $125    Long $160*
'This is the same as Discover Your Curls in addition to a Root Touch up and or Refresh of EXISTING color. This service is for regrowth only. This does not include highlights or a color change.

'Discover Your Curls & New Color'
(Education, Wash, Highlights or color change)
Short $165+* partial,  $185+* full
NO CUT This is the same as Discover Your Curls in addition to any form of pintura ,highlighting or color change. For this service we recommend a separate visit for a one one consultation with stylist to ensure proper price quote and service time.

'The Full Curl Discovery'
(Education, cut, maintenance color/refresh). NO HIGHLIGHTS
Short $220+*    Long $255+*
This is the ultimate. It includes the full education as described under 'Discover Your Curls', a personalized Dry Cut, and one Root touch up or Color.Prior to service your Curl visionary will determine cut and coloring technique and discuss exact pricing.

'The Full Curl Discovery 2.0'
(Education, cut, Highlights/Color change)
Short $255+*part,    Long. $285+*part
This is the same as the Full Curl Discovery plus any form of pintura and highlights or color change. We recommend a prior separate consultation visit to ensure proper pricing and timing.

* all above services come with a free follow up 'refresher' visit.

Returning clients
Maintain your Curls

'Curl Routine'
(no cut, wash only)
Short $45*    Long length $65*
You have been in before but need additional help to perfect your curl routine. You still experience frizz and excessive tangling. This visit will be tailored to your needs and can include how to wash, how to 10 min refresh and/or how to wear my curls up.

'Curl Routine & Shape up'
(wash & cut)
Short $85*     Long. $95*
This is the same as above in addition to a dry cut (deva cut). It includes the wash routine and any questions you may want to go over with.

''Shape up only/Dry cut'
(cut only/ no wash)
No wash just cut. This is a 30min visit and requires knowledge of client how to properly prep the curls for the cut.

'Special Occasion Curls'
Short $105*    Long $150*
This service includes setting up your curls followed by a special occasion updo which shows of your natural curls. This is a beautiful way of showing of your curls for special occasions.

'Color Your Curls'
(all over color, NO HIGHLIGHTS, No Cut)
Short $95*     Long $120*
This service includes a personalized all over (one) color.

'Add Dimension/Depth Highlights'
(Highlights, No Color, No Cut)
Short $120* partial,  $150* full
Long. $150* partial,  $180* full
This service includes partial highlighting or pintura personalized to your curls

'Touch up grey roots'
$60*    Over 1 inch outgrowth $75
You want to touch up your grey roots



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